Jeff Claiborne Knives
Franklin Indiana

I’ve been making knives since 1989 and I’m more than happy to share my knowledge and experience with others. 

You’re more than welcome to call, shoot me an E-mail, or drop by the shop any time. 

If you’re just starting out, you’ve probably already realized there’s a lot more to it than what you see on Forged In Fire.  I will work with you every step of the way, from choosing materials, design, cutting, forging, grinding, heat treating, and final polish right here in my home shop.  I won’t let you make any of the mistakes.  If you’re not completely happy, I’ll buy the knife back. 

When you’re ready for the next steps, I can help you determine the best equipment to get and how to set up your very own shop.  I’ve been mentoring other knife makers for over 20 years. 




Jeff Claiborne: Knifemaker & Bladesmith

1470 Roberts Road Franklin, IN 46131 1-317-736-7443